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The Right Message

To The Right Person

At The Right Time

Companies that blast frequent, irrelevant messages dilute their brand equity. What customers want is great service and a consistently excellent experience across all channels. For those reasons, we separate ourselves in the market by delivering the most comprehensive digital marketing experiences in the industry.  Companies that adopt the dialogue model early will realize the benefits , quickly of effective nurture practices.

        3V Nurture Marketing


For those prospects not ready to purchase, the PushForce Nurture Marketing solution continually drives all captured prospects back into your dealership based on what they are looking for – when they are looking for it. The essence of the program is to nurture prospects to the point of requesting salesperson contact and to better qualify each prospect.

This service is completely automated. PushForce can guarantee that every prospect in the system will receive timely, relevant information on the product(s) they are researching with “calls to action” driving them back into the sales process. Nurture Marketing communications are dynamic – based on usage, product type, prospect source, prospect request type, and prospect input including; time frame to purchase, models selected, etc.

While other vendors claim to send relevant messages to better nurture a prospect into a sale, their approach is achieved through the creation and delivery of email campaigns exclusively. The PushForce Perpetual Messaging Agent works off the rules of time, action and event — targeting the relevance and guaranteeing that the message recipient is not blasted with general “spam” like messages. PushForce automatically creates and delivers a far better experience for your prospects and customers.

PushForce creates and maintains a central database of contact information for all prospects, so continuous communication is easy to achieve. This allows for maintaining interest in your product. You can easily automate the sending of targeted emails to prospects who have previously indicated a product preference or for special events. Follow up tasks can also maintain communication between your team members and future customers.

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