Jennifer B.Turner
Vice President of Client Relations

Jennifer is a marketing and corporate communications executive with over 15 years’ experience in business strategy, consumer marketing and business-to-business marketing.  Jennifer provides ongoing communication to build positive relations with our valued clients and oversees project management.  Jennifer has worked in the recreation, oil & gas, motorsports and cosmetic industries and has led in the implementation of technology solutions for organizations at some of the world’s leading consumer brands and start-ups alike.  Her previous experience includes Director of Investor Relations at AMCOL International for 10+ years and Executive Compensation Consultant with Meridian Group.  Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. 

Tim spent much of his career at Accenture where he held management roles in their Global Public Sector operating group.  After leaving Accenture, Tim was a Managing Director at JPMorgan Chase leading their strategy practice for Public Sector treasury services.  

For the past 8 years,  Tim has been an investor and advisor to technology start-ups and early stage companies.  He specializes in business and product strategy.


Tim started his career at American Hospital Supply in Operations Management. 

He is a graduate of Boston College where he obtained his BS in Finance.

Tim Finnegan
Partner - Head of Finance and Operations

John has decades of experience in the Customer Care industry and is leading the PushForce corporate strategy. Prior to starting PushForce, John was the founder of Red Oak Marketing Group a company focused on manufacturing lead management.  John also served as Vice President of Strategic Direction and Development for Delano Technology and was on the strategic management team at Siebel Systems, Tibco and Genesys telecommunications. Having successfully deployed world class loyalty and care solutions for over 150 Fortune based companies, John embarked on the successful creation of real-time communication solutions as an alternative to traditionally deployed data driven systems.

John Trkla
Partner - Head of Process and Strategy

PUSHFORCE Management

PushForce was built on one solid principle, empower your salesforce to be the most efficient and effective agents of your business.  Built on the premise of "No customer falls through the cracks", PushForce focuses on customer communication and the real-time management of the customer's needs and wants.  Businesses today face many challenges caring for all of their customers in a consistent and professional fashion.  PushForce recognizes that smaller customers are just as important as larger customers, and that proper care and communication builds better brand and retention.

Our team has decades of experience working with businesses and their sales challenges.  Our unique approach has demonstrated dramatic increases in sales and customer retention.  

Harry is our CTO, and in charge of the PushForce technology platform.  Harry was a co-founder of Red Oak Marketing Group and built our first push-based customer care platform in 1999.  Harry is currently involved in all aspects of the company’s strategic direction and sales platforms. Harry spent over four years in the US Air force working on B 52 technology and has more than 16 years of experience in product and technology development. From 1995 to 2000, Harry co-founded a technology and print media agency where his primary responsibilities included sales support and all web related project management.

Harry Giovanni
Partner - Head of Technology