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For companies that embrace the concepts of lean manufacturing, optimizing the manufacturing process maximizes productivity, reduces waste, and innovates how you work to produce value for customers.  PushForce understands working with lean businesses and applies lean principles to the sales and marketing functions as well.


PushForce automates the sales and marketing communications function by first identifying what it is that the customer values and then focusing on communicating how the company can deliver that value to the customer. 

Providing that level of value creation to all of your customers, independent of their size, is a crucial advantage of PushForce.  When taking the goals of lean manufacturing and applying them to your sales and marketing function, that component of your business can achieve the same improvements as your manufacturing function.

5 key goals for lean companies

  • Standardize processes

  • Eliminate waste

  • Reduce variants in products/services

  • Deliver higher quality

  • Customer-focused processes

PushForce can help you apply these principles to how you interact with your existing customers and prospects.

Standardize processes

How you interact with your customers, particularly smaller ones, is all over the board.  Some never hear from you. Others get infrequent, generic communications. Maybe the only time you interact with them is when they contact you.  PushForce will help you have a standard, consistent approach to communicating with these customers and prospects so you can be confident your messages are delivered in a thoughtful, useful manner.

Eliminate waste

You have many small customers who don’t get a lot of attention from your sales team.  Sending out generic marketing materials or making prospecting calls with little or no analysis is time consuming and comes with a cost.  PushForce uses highly targeted, relevant communications that give your customers the opportunity to respond to you when they are ready to engage.  This eliminates wasted marketing efforts and maximizes the productivity of your sales and sales support staff.

Reduce variants in products/services

PushForce will help deliver a consistent message to your customers.  And when they engage, they will go through a rules based sales system to ensure appropriate follow up. You will not be dependent on how an individual salesperson or customer service staff member may choose to react to a customers request.

Deliver higher quality

PushForce tracks all the customer interactions.  Data will show what is working and what is not.  It works to ensure customers don’t fall through the cracks.  Using past results will help you refine your messaging and drop unsuccessful campaigns.  Your communications will be relevant to the customer because you are using information you have about their past interactions.  This constant refinement will provide greater value to both your company and the customer.

Customer-focused processes

Customers do not appreciate getting bombarded with communications that aren’t relevant to them.  PushForce is designed to deliver timely messages that apply to the customer and that they are interested in receiving.  These emails may just be a way to keep a bond between you and your customer.  They may have great relevancy to the maintenance or lifespan of a product they have purchased from you in the past.  They may be a value add to something they already have.  PushForce proactively provides your customer with information that you think is relevant to them.

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