The power of our Push-based customer care solution is that every existing customer and every targeted prospect receives quality care and responsiveness regardless of their size or order history.

The PushForce solution manages a customer sales cycle from capture to close by pushing the relevant information to an existing customer or prospect when it is appropriate.

Utilizing nurture dialog, our system qualifies the opportunity for sales involvement.  

Once an opportunity is in a sales rep’s hands, the system continues to track their customer interactions.  While tracking automated steps is easy, tracking human interaction is trickier.


The beauty of PushForce is that the sales person doesn’t have to log into a tool and tell it what is going on.  Rather, the rep merely needs to select a “task completed” action button in the communication that they received and our system will initiate and track the next steps automatically.  In many cases, the salesperson doesn’t even realize that they are using a tool, they are simply responding to a qualified lead.

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    We are building out a maintenance tracking and reminder system for one of our larger marine customers.  It is a push-based nurture solution to drive better care of their product and drive more part and accessory sales.


    PCB Label

    We have engaged with PCB Label to to help manage their smaller accounts to repurchase from them.  Our initial deployment has proved to be extremely successful.