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PushForce is a turnkey solution. Our team will work with your sales and marketing staff to create the dialog communications that build upon relationships and generate additional business.  These communications are one to one and campaign based and focus on everything from nurturing dormant customers, or upselling to existing customers, to introducing new

products or communicating technical bulletins.  


We will help design and implement:

  • The communications to customers sales including marketing collateral integration,

  • The extract for determining who will receive a communication

  • The workflow for processing a response or non-response from a customer

  • Self-service forms driven from the direct communication  

  • The rules that dictate next steps from your customer service or sales force once a customer has engaged

  • Reporting on all activity related to a campaign


Your technology staff will not need to implement and maintain any PushForce software.  Our primary interface with IT Departments are data exchanges that are easily facilitated via API’s or extracts.  We have successfully provided campaigns with new customers in 6 to 8 weeks.

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