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There are different customer profiles that require different sales support

The sales pyramid represents the different sales channels our target customers are managing.  Most companies’ sales efforts are typically focused on the major and midsized opportunities, while the smaller opportunities receive very little, or no sales support.  We define these opportunities as

Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III.

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Tier I customers are the bread and butter of any organization.  They represent large revenue streams and receive a lot of attention from sales, support and management.  These customers typically have many contact points requiring different deliverables.  PushForce can streamline

and coordinate the communications for better content control.  The characteristics of selling to these customers include:

  • Sales are high-volume and provide a large percentage of the company’s revenue

  • They are generally large enterprises

  • Everyone loves them

  • Targeted road maps exist for moving forward with them

  • They receive regular contact and timely information

  • Generally are high-touch for the sales representative

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Tier II customers span a return on investment that makes them a little harder to prospect and manage.  Usually they are supported by a direct sales force or internally via a customer service representative (CSR).  In many cases they might be dealing

with a distributor or dealer rather than a company representative. There is growth opportunity with Tier II customers but it has to come at a reasonable cost of acquisition.  PushForce can demonstrate that this can be accomplished through a streamlined, electronic sales process.  Using this approach several benefits are achieved:


  • A CSR typically can handle the opportunity and works it until prime for salesperson involvement

  • Digital interaction has a lower cost of acquisition and usually leads to less sales and service support throughout the ownership lifecycle

  • Reorders are improved through consistent digital customer care

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This group is the least supported and least measured group in most companies. They are inconsistent in their purchasing behaviors and are typically low-volume.  As they receive the least amount of care, they have a much lower propensity to reorder or will order from multiple vendors. ​

Tier III opportunities will never excite a direct sales force as much as Tier I and II opportunities. Commissions are small and the sales effort becomes cost prohibitive.   Because of this, Tier III customer dissatisfaction is often high and loyalty is often low. 


Characteristics of Tier III customers include:

  • Cost of Sale is too high for much internal sales support

  • Tend to rely on pro-active inquiry from the customer to make a sale

  • Have to rely on Brand to drive sales and retain customers

  • Try to reach them through automation – tons of “buy me” marketing emails

  • Sales or Service involvement might only occur at reorder time

While PushForce works with all sales channels and all customer tiers, our strongest impact is with those in Tier III.  The deployment of consistent customer care and frequent dialog builds customer confidence and trust. The first measurable improvement should come in Tier III customer growth and retention. 

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