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The Only Pushed Based Lead Management Solution In The Marketplace Today


We are a unique vendor offering complete track-ability of all leads after they have been delivered.  Our solution allows OEM's to deliver, track and act on all leads delivered to their dealers.   After leads have been qualified, dealers will receive, by email or text, leads that meet a specific status and criteria.  They activate and update the status of these leads using  "one click".  Changing the status of the lead will in turn initiate other processes.  For instance, a status of “Purchased” can prompt a 30-day email contact action to execute a post-purchase survey.


3V Lead Management

  • Cradle to grave track-ability of all leads through all dealers.  Track leads after they have been given to the dealers – through the sale or no sale of the product – including continuous paced email and/or text communication to the prospect / customers

  • Completely automated process, no prospect will slip through the cracks  

  • No increase in dealer manpower to support the process or investment in software

  • Out of the box integration with Grow Boating leads, leads, or any other lead generation 

  • Targeted paced communication to the prospect including 

  • Automated:

    • Real time dialog between manufacturer, the prospect and the dealer throughout the entire lead process 

    • Next model year electronic catalog 

    • News letters

    • Promotions on identified product(s) 

    • Dealer events / promotions 

    • Any data element 

  • Targeted paced communication to the customer for the complete life cycle of owning the product 

  • Exception Management – the ability to immediately identify if a dealer is; not responding to a lead, not complying with the process, falsely representing the interaction or response to a manufacturer generated lead

  • Automated escalation to manufacturer sales and management for exception 

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