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PushForce enables companies to drive higher revenue and profitability by making their existing sales organization more productive.  By capturing and servicing low-volume customers, PushForce can help you add to your company’s bottom line without adding more sales reps or customer service staff.

We do that by driving three things:

  • More productive Sales Staff = Higher Revenue

  • Lower cost of customer acquisition = Better expense to sales ratio

  • Better customer retention = Greater market share, more revenue, lower costs



A 5% commission on a $2400 sale may not be worth a sales reps’ time, but a 5% commission multiplied by 20 sales opportunities certainly is.  Using some simple numbers, this matrix illustrates the retention and new opportunity of a sales rep or even a CSR, closing 20 deals per month and a company closing or retaining 1200 new opportunities.

PushForce uses white email algorithms to deliver timely and targeted messaging directly from the associated salesperson to active customers and prospects.  Based on the customer response, a Sales Rep or CSR can be brought into contact with the customer when the opportunity is ready for close.  This is our finding the “needle in the haystack” approach.  There’s a lot of hay and only a handful of needles, but the PushForce solution can surface those opportunities and can produce enough of them to get sales reps excited.

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