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Many Salespeople see sales force automation tools as a barrier not an enhancement to the sales process.  A recent study by a global consulting firm found that over 80% of companies have installed sales automation tools but only 15% of sales people find them very effective and that 58% of the sales force believe they are meant more to monitor their performance than enhance it!  

That same study found that salespeople don’t even use 50% of a sales tool’s capabilities.  PushForce doesn’t try to do everything. It does one thing well, helping companies keep in touch with their customers in a cost-effective manner through automated personalized communication.  When a customer chooses to engage with the company after receiving these communications, the salesperson is brought into the process as needed.  It could be a function that can be handled on behalf of the salesperson by a customer service rep or it might need to be directed to the salesperson.  No matter what action is required, you are interacting with the customer when they want to be contacted.  No wasted time for your salespeople or for the customer.  PushForce also doesn’t require salespeople to spend time logging and tracking the actions that they take – they are captured organically.


Better productivity from sales and better satisfaction from customers means more company revenue and higher commissions.  Sales staff embrace the PushForce solution because it helps them achieve their goals while also meeting the company’s objectives.

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