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       Nurture Marketing

ThreeClix Nurture Marketing stimulates the prospect and builds brand loyalty through targeted, timely communication

  • Nurture an active prospect into requesting a sales contact - when they want a salesperson to contact them

  • When sales contact is initiated, drive the prospect to the best suited person for their needs and notify the salesperson-real time-of the qualified lead in the system

  • Better qualify the prospect prior to salesperson contact

Our Solution provides automated, process based communication between the Brand and their Prospects. The solution provides the ability to develop ongoing communication based on action and time, driving the prospect to engage

Relevant Communications based on Prospect needs and wants

  • Product Lines

  • Demographic

  • Any Data-Based Information

  • Build and qualify Leads for sales

Value to your Business

  • More product sold

  • Better understanding of all you rcustomers 'behaviors

  • Visibility into success of marketing spend

  • Increased traffic to Dealer/Distributor

  • Value to Customer

  • A better relationship with your brand

  • Relevant communication throughout the purchase lifecycle 

  • Better customer experience

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