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Effective Campaigns That Deliver


ThreeClix campaign management is the planning, tracking, analysis and execution of all of the factors involved in a standard marketing initiative. These activities can be used to launch a new product or event, or they can also be used to attract existing customers to additional purchasing.


Digital Marketing, done correctly is the single strongest marketing channel today, but if we talk about marketing as a whole, it consists of the following channels to get the message out. T


The whole purpose of these marketing campaigns is to impress the prospects into acting on a marketing message and drive them into the sales funnel. You need to convey the message that the problem in question can only be fixed by using your service or product.

A solid marketing campaign includes goals for the campaign, a timeline, and tools you will use or platforms you will use to facilitate the marketing campaign. These are our steps to help you build an effective marketing campaign:

  • 1. Define Goals​

  • 2. Know Your Audience

  • 3. Set Target Audience

  • 4. Decide on Resources

  • 5. Marketing Budget

  • 6. Campaign Content

  • 7. Monitor Your Campaign

ThreeClix Campaign Management


Vitality of Campaign Management

There is no one approach when it comes to marketing campaigns. Some run marketing campaigns in a say geography to attract the local demographic and then pull that product off after a couple of weeks if it’s not that successful.


While some campaigns run a successfully for decades, others are singular events or need to be tweaked for better response, here are some of the most common marketing campaign steps that have benefitted a lour customers. 

  • Analyze rnd optimize the strategy

  • Understand the goals

  • Distribute marketing collateral and track results

  • Develop a strategy to meet these goals

  • Create marketing materials for unique channels 


Marketing channels cost money that generally comes from upper management. Done properly, the results will yield increased responsiveness.

  • Generate new customers

  • Increase sales and profits

  • Define brand experience

  • Increasie brand awareness

  • Introduce new products or services

  • Establish brand image

  • Reduce negative perceptions



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